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EverDoc 2018.3.28


EverDoc 2018.3.28

EverDoc is a well-designed app that can store digital copies of all the documents you print, regardless of their format. Every time you print a document EverDoc will make an archived copy for you, so you will never misplace another document again. Ever.

EverDoc has a modern style interface and is easy enough to be navigated by users of all levels of expertise, without the need to go through pages of how-to guides. The main window displays any currently stored documents, letting you preview, edit or delete them from in a few clicks. If you want to open them with the default software, you can.

To start adding files the app has a setup wizard that lets you select a printing device to save files from. This can be a network fax machine or a regular printer. You can also select the archiving folder or connect EverDoc to a Cloud account as it supports Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive. EverDoc also supports drag and drop, so you can add an entire folder if you need to.

In addition to adding files to EverDoc, you can add tags to your documents thereby enabling you to locate the files you need more easily. Also, you can filter files based on different criteria such as creation date, etc.

Overall, EverDoc is a handy digital storage utility that is both useful and efficient. If you need to organize your digital media in an archive, then a utility such as this may be what you are looking for?

EverDoc 2018.3.28

EverDoc Key Features:

  • Digital document stored in a centrally indexed manner
  • Archive Adobe PDF files, Word documents, images, and e-mails
  • Make documents searchable in a central system
  • Index documents stored in several cloud systems i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

EverDoc is a help document archiving system with support for cloud systems and strong search facilities.

EverDoc 2018.3.28

“Digital document management of the future.”

EverDoc is a document cataloging program that can take Adobe PDF files, Word documents, images, and e-mails, capture them and make them indexed so they can be easily searched. The idea behind EverDoc is that we all use many different documents for work and personal tasks, but they are difficult to locate later because they can often get stored all over one (or multiple) hard drive systems. EverDoc is there to bring that all together into an elegant interface. Print a document can automatically pull it into the document archive. There is also a useful cloud integration into Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud systems that will locate and index written content already stored in the cloud.

EverDoc 2018.3.28

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