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SpiderOak 7.2.0

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SpiderOak 7.2.0


SpiderOak 7.2.0

SpiderOak combines online backup, secure file sync and easy sharing in a cloud-based service. Desktop clients are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and multiple Linux distributions.  SpiderOak consolidates several functionalities into one tool: free online backup, remote access, synchronization, sharing, and storage. Data backups can run from local hard-drives as well as network drives, USB keys, external drives, CD/DVDs and other storage media. All of these features are available for both the free and the subscription service.

We were able to quickly confirm that the bug existed, but recreating was very hard.

SpiderOak 7.2.0

Enter Beth from our QA team. She spent some time working with our team of support rockstars and our users, then came up with a series of tests that successfully recreated the bug. With this information, Roger was able to fine-tune the fix, and today we’re releasing it to all SpiderOak One and SpiderOak Groups users.

This kind of collaboration between users, support, devs, and QA is a perfect illustration of what makes the SpiderOak community great! Your feedback plays a huge role in helping us make SpiderOak One, SpiderOak Groups, and all of our other products the best they can be. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us through support.spideroak.com, @SpiderOak on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/SpiderOak.

SpiderOak 7.2.0


SpiderOak ONE doesn’t skimp on features, which is why for some users it will be worth its above average cost. You can compare those features to those offered by the competition by making use of our cloud comparison tool if you’d like to conduct a more thorough search before making a decision.

First and foremost, SpiderOak ONE is an online backup tool and does most of what a good online backup tool should do. Command-line control of your backup is also available for each of these OSes.

Backup is performed at the file level, without an option for image-based backup or cloning. Check out our roundup of the best image-based backup tools for some suggestions on that front.

Files are encrypted prior to transfer to SpiderOak’s remote data centers, where they remain encrypted until you restore them. SpiderOak makes use of client-side, end-to-end encryption and only you know the encryption key, making it a zero-knowledge service.

Backups take place continuously be the default, though you can opt for scheduled backups, instead.

SpiderOak 7.2.0

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