Stellarium 0.18.1 Full Crack Latest Portable Free Download

Stellarium 0.18.1 Full Crack Latest Portable Version Full Free Download

Stellarium 0.18.1


Stellarium 0.18.1

Stellarium provides you with accurate data about the night sky, which can be used by professional and amateur astronomers alike. Basically, it’s a planetarium for your computer. The application shows a realistic sky in 3D; the same as what you’d see with a telescope.

Chances are that not very many people have heard of Stellarium although it is very similar to one of the most popular pieces of software available today – Google Earth. While Google’s software allows you to focus on the earth from a starting point in outer space, Stellarium reverses your perspective and places you at any point on the earth’s surface, staring up and out into deep space.

While Google Earth brings you detailed photos of our planet’s surface, Stellarium can only achieve a much lower resolution representation of the solar system’s planets, without mentioning the fact that stars are limited to simple white dots zipping through the sky. With over 120,000 stars accurately plotted out in this virtual planetarium, it’s obvious that a lot of work has gone into its creation. However, Stellarium’s excruciating level of detail is likely only to appeal to the real die-hard stargazers.

The idea behind Stellarium is a good one in theory, but when it comes down to it most people will see it as little more than a smart, interactive screensaver. That said, if you have an affinity for astronomy, would like to learn the constellations, or simply enjoy watching beautiful sunsets, then Stellarium is for you.

Stellarium 0.18.1

Key features include:

  • Default catalog of over 600,000 stars (extra catalogs with more than 210 million stars).
  • Asterisms and illustrations of the constellations.
  • Constellations for 20+ different cultures.
  • Images of nebulae (full Messier catalog).
  • The planets and their satellites.
  • The very realistic atmosphere, sunrise, and sunset.
  • Realistic Milky Way.

Stellarium has a great looking interface that can be accessed by all levels of user. It comes with a powerful zoom feature, time control, the fish-eye projection for planetarium domes, extensive keyboard control, and telescope control. Stellarium also comes with plugin control, so you can add functions like artificial satellites, ocular simulation, and telescope configuration. You can also add to your database, new solar system objects from online resources.

Stellarium 0.18.1

Setting the date and time of your observing session

To set the date and time of your observing session, go to the ‘Date/Time’ window in the left-hand menu and change the time and date in the pop-up box to correspond to the date and time of your session.

Finding objects

Zoom in or out of the sky view in Stellarium by either using the roller ball of your mouse or using the ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’ buttons on your keyboard.

Set the azimuthal viewing grid on the sky view by clicking on the ‘Azimuthal Grid’ button in the lower menu. This now shows circles on the sky of different altitudes above the horizon. If you have an altitude limit, for example for viewing object at a minimum 30 degrees above the horizon, then choose objects within the 30-degree circle on this grid.

Mark objects in the sky by clicking on the nebula button in the lower menu. To increase or decrease the number of objects shown in Stellarium, go to the ‘Sky and viewing options window’ in the left-hand menu and use the ‘Labels and Markers’ sliders to customize your screen.

Stellarium 0.18.1

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